Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Gift Fair

On Saturday, November 8th, the Women's Ministries at our church sponsored a Holiday Gift Fair. There were over 20 vendors at the fair, ie, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Tupperware, Party Lite Candles, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Longaberger Baskets, Home Interiors, Home & Garden and others I can't think of now. My booth was one of about 3 vendors that offered handcrafted items. A few of the vendors did quite well, some did nothing at all. I, at least, paid for my booth space with a little extra. We had a pretty good crowd considering that it was a windy, cold day. All in all, it was quite a learning experience.

I've committed to doing another boutique on December 11th at the Charter School where three of our granddaughters have gone for extra credit classes. I need to get busy and do more Christmas items. I worked my fingers to the bone after we returned from our trip to Pacific Grove getting things ready for this fair. I am hoping this one will do a little better.
Here's some of the items I had for sale. I need to do something different in showcasing my cards, etc. They were just laying on the table. There were cards, bookmarks, shopping list pads and journals. I will do another post showing the items that I am offering for sale through my blog.

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