Friday, November 21, 2008

Granddaughter Emily's 12th Birthday Party

Our granddaughter, Miss Emily Ann Strempke, celebrated her birthday on Saturday November 15th at the clubhouse here at the mobile home park where we live. Her mother, Elizabeth, is my husband's oldest and first born daughter. Emily's actual birthday was the 6th of November. Both of her sisters have had their birthday parties here. There is more room here than at their home. Her theme was crazy hats. Her mother made her birthday cake which is a three layered hat. Elizabeth is the official family cake maker. The little guy standing next to her is Andy, our youngest grandson. And seated next to him is his sister Melody. Andy is 5 and a half and Melody is almost 8 and a half. One Thursday a month we pick up Andy from school, he's in kindergarten. We've picked up Melody occasionally too when there's been a conflict in schedules. When you're retired you can do things like this. Their mother is Jenni another of my husband's daughters. She has a twin Joyce who is the mother of our two youngest grandchildren and they live in So. California.
This is the card I made for Emily. It was amazing that all the colors I used on her card were the colors she had in her decorations for her party. The stamps are all SU.

Here's her table decoration. The craft fair that I am doing on December 12th is at the charter school where Emily goes. She's going to help me with it. Should be fun!!


Elizabeth said...

The party was fun. The cake was cute, but not my best. The card was beautiful and one Emily will keep. Thank you!!

Betty Townsend said...

I thought the cake was fantastic. We all didn't hesitate in gobbling it up!! Our little girl is growing up!!