Friday, June 18, 2010

Two SCS Card Swaps Mailed Today

I got the "Through the Year" and "Wedding Anniversary" card swaps mailed today. So I am up to date through July. I have one swap due in August, 2 due in September and 2 in October. So I can probably look in the threads and see if there is any others I want to join.

I got my first card and kits done for the Shoebox Card Swap next week Saturday. I'm going to do a second card for that swap. Then I can take a break for a little while. I need to take an inventory of my cardstock and see what colors I should think about replenishing. I use a lot of cardstock for these swaps. I need to find another source for purchasing cardstock besides Stampin' Up. Green Tangerines, a scrapbook store that was in Rocklin had a nice variety of colors. They closed several months ago. The stamp stores around town don't have as nice a variety of colors as Green Tangerines.

For the Shoebox card swap the theme is "Summer Fun - picnics, 4th of July etc.". For the card I finished tonight, I'm using one of the cards I made for Elizabeth, the one with the sailboat. The second card is going to be patriotic, something simple. I'll probably work on that tomorrow. I need to come up with something for favors. Any ideas?

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