Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Have A Winner!!

On one of my previous posts, I shared a picture of a card kit that I purchased at the Scrap & Stamp Fest I attended the end of May. I said if anyone was interested in the kit to leave a comment on my blog.

Elizabeth, Amy, Michelle, Florence, Jalna and Yvonne left comments. I finally got around to writing every one's name on a slip of paper and a few minutes ago went outside and asked my friend Sherry to pick a slip of paper out of the basket I had the slips in. And she picked .... YVONNE! Congratulations, Yvonne, you've won the card kit I purchased at the Scrap & Stamp Fest.

Thank you to all of you for leaving a comment. I loved reading what you all had to say. So, Yvonne...send me an email message on Facebook with your address and I will send the card kit to you. If you would like to see what the cards look like again, check out this link:
Scroll down half way through that post to see the pictures. The colors used in the cards are golden yellows, orange, turquoise, yellow, some green.

I am happy to put the cards together for you. There is a box that comes with the kit and I would leave that for you to put together. There are pieces of sticky tape where the box needs to be taped down. An informational sheet comes with the kit with pictures of the cards and box if you'd like to put the cards together yourself. It might be easier if I put them together for you, however you are more than welcome to do it.

Look at the pictures and let me know. Thanks again, Yvonne!! :)

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