Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bead Jewelry/Cards Workshop

Yesterday, Saturday 12/13 I did a workshop at Amy Comi's home in Lincoln, she is a friend from church, with Mary Dillon who makes and sells bead jewelry. Mary was a vendor at our church's holiday gift fair in November. She and Amy are friends. Amy provided beads and Mary brought the supplies. Each guest invited could make a pair of earrings for $5 or a bracelet for $7. I had 2 card samples and a small card to put the earrings on. The cost to make a card and small card for the earrings was $5. There was a small charge if anyone wanted to make a second card. We had 8 guests. Four people made a card, 3 of them made a second card. The others made earrings or a bracelet. Amy had told me she had some beads she had gotten on a trip to Hawaii. After everyone left, I chose these beads to make a bracelet. They are little koa beads that I used along with some silver spaces and topaz colored crystals. The closure is a magnetic silver flower. We all thought it looked like a hibiscus, the state flower of Hawaii. I was so proud of myself, I actually made this. Mary helped me finish it off. I wore it last night to a concert we had at church and then again this morning to church. Sure do love it and it's easy to put on with the magnetic closure. Of course, it comes off easily too, it happened twice at church this morning. The two cards that were offered to be made are these that were made in the card class held here at the mobile home park in October. They are the Dove and small Christmas tree. Go here to see them again Everyone had a great time and we are going to plan to do another workshop in the spring time.

Mary and I had items for sale. I actually did quite well in that regard. I sold 12 of the shopping list notepads I made this past week along with the last 4 of the smaller version I made for our holiday craft fair. Also sold several cards. I am not sure if Mary sold any of her pieces.

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