Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sacramento Card Swappers

At our card swap last week Saturday we talked about how often we would like to have a swap. It has been decided that they will held every 2 months. Three of them will be a large group gathering, the number attending limited to how large a space we have available. It will be decided by the hostess as to whether or not the large group swaps will have a card theme. Then there will be 3 focus swaps which be limited to under 15 people. The hostess will decide on a focus for that particular swap.

The next swap is scheduled for July 11th. It was to be held in June, however the hostess had some conflicts with scheduling a date. So then the August swap will be at the end of August. I will be hosting that one and will reserve the clubhouse at our mobile home park to have the swap.

The focus for the July swap will be doing a technique of some sort on a card made with only Stampin Up stamps and embellishments. The technique can be wet or dry embossing, bleaching, using baby wipes or any other technique the hostess wants to focus on. The first 12 paid will be guaranteed a spot. I mailed my check today, however haven't thought of a technique yet to demonstrate. I still have a couple of months to decide. There will be a potluck for lunch.

The August swap will be a holiday cards theme, ie Thanksgiving, Christmas or Halloween. I have not been able to reserve a date yet with the park manager. She is in the office every day at the beginning of each month and during the rest of the month she is not always there.

We are also going to put up a blog for our group and do a Birthday RAK for those that want to participate. Right now we are suppose to be thinking of a name to call ourselves.

I am looking forward to participating in more of these swaps. The first one was a lot of fun!

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