Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hunt for White Cardstock

Since I am still not feeling well, last Friday Gerry took me out to find some good white cardstock. The white cardstock I usually use is from Michael's. It's ok for layering, however when using my Copic markers to color, the ink bleeds. I am out of SU's white cardstock so I was having to resort to Michael's brand.

We first went out to Green Tangerine in Rocklin. Its a huge scrapbook store and they have quite a nice selection of cardstock besides scrapbooking products. Would you believe, they were completely out of white cardstock. I did get some designer scrapbook paper.

From there we went to Scrapbook Station. We were totally surprised to drive up and see a big sign on their windows --- Store Closing!!! Up to 40% off. Well, their stock was just about depleted and they didn't have any white cardstock either. The cardstock that they did have was marked at 30% off so I stocked up on several different colors. When I checked out, the person at the register said their lease was due May 1st and they were closing instead of renewing. They actually had 3 stores in the Sacramento area. The store in Sacramento closed a year ago or so. They were on a month to month and had a high turnover of staff. The Folsom store will remain open. I use to go to Scrapbook Station to find colored cardstock. However, after Green Tangerine opened in Rocklin, I started going there.

We stopped at one more place in Roseville before heading back to Sacramento, The Stamp Art Shoppe. It's a stamp store, not a very big one. Well, they had some of the heavier white cardstock and I got some there. The next place would have been The Paper Garden where I do a lot of shopping. I wanted to avoid going there since I always get in trouble when I go there. Thankfully, The Stamp Art Shoppe had what I needed.

I needed the better white cardstock to do my cards for the card swap which is this coming Saturday. I will post that card after the swap in case someone who is going to that swap just happens to see my blog. The chances of that happening are slim, however, I don't want to take any chances.

After we got home I worked on my cards for the swap and got them finished. I had a lot of it done already. We had to make 18 cards with a sample, doing all the stamping, coloring, etc that making the card required. The only thing we are doing at the swap is putting it together. I think my card turned out rather cute.


jalna said...

Who wudda thunk that white cardstock would be hard to find. At least there're a lot of places there for you to check out. Gerry is awesome for chauffering you around. My Wendell's a good guy, but I doubt he would've done the same. Can't wait to see your card.

Betty Townsend said...

LOL! It's a good thing Gerry doesn't read this blog. I don't want him getting a "big head"! LOL!! All kidding aside, he will do things like this for me. He tells people I'm spoiled! I am! :)

sophnsamsmomma said...

Have you tried Wal Mart's white cardstock? It's in the office supply section. It's cheap, too.