Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hoppy Frog Birthday

My friend, Kathy, left a comment on my blog saying I needed to get busy and do some stamping. So here's a card I did a few days ago for my step-daughter, Elizabeth's birthday. She loves frogs so I got this cute A Muse frog and added the tiny bee. I hope she liked the card. The green polka dot card and ribbon is A Muse. The layers are generic. We are off to a short trip to Oregon and will be back next week Tuesday. Then my husband's 4 kids that live out of town will be in town joining their 3 siblings that live here. His sister from Phoenix will be in town too. We will have everyone over on the 25th for a BBQ and celebrate Gerry's birthday. My birthday is the following Monday so there will be birthday cake for both of us. I hope to get busy with some stamping after everyone leaves.

Here's a non-stamping bit of news. I've been wanting some shelves put up for my teapot collection. My husband finally got them up Tuesday night!!! I've been asking for 3 YEARS!! :) So this afternoon I got the teapots put up on the shelves, including a few birdhouses that I've collected. However!!! there's not enough room to get them all up. Oh, and I also have some old tea containers I've found in antique stores. The ones I didn't get up will go back in the boxes until I figure out something else to display them. I have no idea how many I have, I guess I should count them, huh. I'll take some pictures later and post them.


Arlene said...

I see you have the Hero Arts site on your blog. I hope you enter and if you have, what name do you use? I'm Clarian's Hawk on Flickr.

I love your frog card. Very cute:))

Kathy & Bobber-Wobbers said...

Love the frog card - it's great!! Glad to see you back into stamping mode. Sounds like you're going to BUSY for a bit - so I'll cut you some slack...for now!! Take Care Betty - hope you had a great trip!!

Elizabeth said...

This was of, of course, my favorite birthday card so far. Thanks!