Thursday, July 15, 2010

More SCS Card Swaps

I received several card swaps in the mail this past week.

WEDDING/ANNIVERSARY CARD SWAP This card stamper makes the most awesome cards. I've gotten a card of her's in another swap. Enlarge the card to see how she made the little bit of liquid at the bottom of the glass shine.
The inside of the card.
This card has the Love Chapter from the Bible as its focal point.

Love this inch worm.

This stamp company has been around for a long time. I have some cling stamps that I purchased several years ago. I don't use them so participating in this swap caused me to get them out and ink them up. Notice the small red buttons that were used on the scarecrow's pockets. Too cute!

I signed up for 2 spots in this swap.

On this card the black scalloped layer is the card base. The green patterned layer opens up to reveal the inside of the card.
A clear button was used over the sun. I have this stamp and the sentiment stamp and use it a lot. I love the color combination that was used on this card.
I signed up for 3 different catagories in this swap. The first one was anniversary cards. I love this love bird stamp. Would love to find out what stamp company this is from.
These monkeys are adorable.

These cards are from the Sympathy card category. This is a beautiful card. The butterfly has 3 layers to it.
I love this card too although the different layers are a little crooked. Still it is very serene and elegant looking.
Another simple yet elegant card.

Cards for guys are difficult to make as stamp images are rather limited. This first card is actually one that I made for this category. It sometimes happens that you will receive one of own cards back. When that happens it means that there were not enough stampers that signed up for that particular category.
I want to try this style of a card sometime. That brad keeping the dark green layer closed, opens up to reveal the inside of the card.
Here's the inside of the card.

And the last card in that category. Pretty cute.
The number of cards required for any particular card swap is determined by the hostess in the initial setting up of the swap. It can be 4 cards total or 6 cards total, etc. One of the cards is always for the hostess so in the example above, a swapper would either receive 3 cards back or 5 cards back. I participated in an image swap where I had to stamp 12 images of the same stamp and I'll get back 10 images. Usually image swaps are images from one particular stamp company or stamps that are similar in design.

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