Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Cards

Here are cards I received for Mother's Day. The first one is from Denise. She used a digital kit from Creative Memories. It is a girl with a lei around her neck and flower in her hair. The background has hibiscus blossoms and other tropical flowers, all in the tropical colors. She told me she bought the kit especially for me. :)) She is going to use it to make a birthday card so she will get other use from the kit. My granddaughter didn't like the girl because she has blond hair. Her tutu doesn't have blond hair. With as much gray hair as I have now, it will in time match the little girl's. :)) It is a very sweet card and I love it!

The next card was given to me by Michelle. She named my blog and is so very special to me. It is simple yet a beautiful card. She tied the ribbon so the ends would be the leaves for the flowers. She used 3 different size flowers with a yellow brad in the center.
She wrote in her card "Thanks for being a mom to more than just your own! You are always there for me." I must say I got misty eyed reading that. I do refer to her as being one of my girls. She is also my stamping buddy.
The next card is from Wendi, my youngest step-daughter. She always remembers a card for Mother's Day. Although it is not a handmade one, it is beautiful. The flowers in the center are cut out. So beautiful!
Thank you, Denise, Michelle and Wendi!! You brightened my day with your beautiful cards!!
These next cards are the ones I made and sent to some special moms in my life! I didn't make as many as I did last year. I wanted simple yet beautiful cards and I think I accomplished that with these cards. They are for the most part A Muse stamps and card bases.
The card base on this one is olive green and the zinnas were stamped with two different chalk inks. I stamped a closed zinna first in one color and then stamped an open zinna on top in another color. These stamps are new for A Muse this spring.
The stamp on this card is one by Impression Obsessions. I inked the flower with tangerine chalk ink and the stem with olive pastel chalk ink. The leaves are a separate stamp and that was stamped with olive pastel also. I thought I did pretty good in getting them right on the stem. :) I bought the cardstock I used for the base from The Paper Garden some time ago and is a peach color.

The card base is lavender polka dots from A Muse and another new A Muse stamp, a cherry blossom branch with the bird. It is two stamps in one with the bird mounted on the side. I didn't get him right on the branch like I wanted. :(
Another A Muse. The lime green polka dots with two different size flowers stamped on the branch with 2 different chalk inks.
A Muse. The card base is a light aqua and I colored the poppy with Copics.

The girl is by Elzybells. The yellow cardbase and yellow polka dot layer is A Muse. Copics to color.

Another A Muse new stamp and card base. Light aqua card base. Used Copics to color.

You will have to click on this one. I wanted to show what I did on the bottom. I used a Martha Stewart eyelet lace border punch on the bottom and then cut a strip of light aqua card stock and adhered it under the scalloped border. I liked the way it turned out. I now have a couple of Martha Stewart border punches and I know I am going to be using them a lot. They sure finish a card off nicely!!
I made this card in an A Muse card class I took last summer. I liked the way it turned out so decided to do another one as a Mother's Day card. I love it. The card base is red. There is a layer of black and the layer with the tea cup on is white with red polka dots. I used Copics to color.

Another A Muse. Simple! Copics to color.

Another new A Muse. This is another cherry blossom branch. Again, Copics to color. The card base is light aqua polka dots and I colored the blossoms lavendar.

Another A Muse. I used different chalk inks to stamp the two different size flowers and the butterfly. I used a fine point black pen to do the butterfly trail. Not too happy with the way that turned out.


jalna said...

Wow, what an assortment of Mother's Day cards, all very, very beautiful. The one that really caught my eye was the tea cup. I love all the red dots and the half black border that makes that portion really pop. Good job!

Betty Townsend said...

Thank you, Jalna. They were fun to do. :)

Les said...

wow, you're so lucky to receive such cute cards! The ones you made are beautiful're making me wanna start stamping again!

Betty Townsend said...

Thank you, Les. I would love to see your creations, so break out those stamps and ink!! :)) The cards I made were so simple, it didn't take long to actually make them. It's deciding what to do that takes so long!! :)

jalna said...

Betty!! You sent me the teacup card!! And you sent it before I even posted the comment on how it was my favorite. I just couldn't believe it when I pulled it out of the envelope. Are we in sync or what!? Thank you so much. I love it!

Betty Townsend said...

LOL!! When I read your comment I thought to myself "she hasn't gotten her card yet", "wait until she sees it", "she will be so surprised". And I was right!! You are so very welcome and I am glad that was your favorite. I would say we are in sync!! :))