Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Valentine Card for Gerry

This is the Valentine card that I made for Gerry. The card base is black, I added a layer of red and then stamped the image in red chalk ink. I got a little frustrated trying to stamp the image, took me three tries before I got it and I still didn't get a good stamped image. On the right the shape of the heart is rather faded. So I remembered I had the saying "you make my heart melt". I thought "problem solved", it fit perfectly the part of the heart that didn't completely stamp. :) He liked it and so it was worth the frustration of trying to get a perfect stamped image. :)

He got home from his trip to Idaho about 6:20pm Thursday evening. I didn't expect him until about 7. So it was a little over 2 hours from the California state line. He dropped off Jason first in Roseville and then got right back on the freeway and home. Yesterday we spent an enjoyable day playing around town. He went on a ride this morning, called a little bit ago and had gone 41 miles and will double that getting home. It is a beautiful day here in Sacramento, however more rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

I like how you solved your problem. Personally, I think the faded look is cool.

jalna said...

I like it too. It looks like it's supposed to be that way.

jalna said...

By the way, it's soo cute how you made a Valentine's card for Gerry. I think Wendell would wonder what's up if I gave him a card.

Betty Townsend said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. I think Dad liked his card.

Jalna, I actually have not made a lot of cards for Gerry. Somewhere buried on my blog is a bicycle card I made for him. He uses it as his avatar on his Facebook. I struggle with making guy cards and I didn't know what I was going to do for a Valentine card without making it frou frou. He liked it so that was good. I also put this card on my Facebook along with a video of Anne Murray singing "Could I Have This Dance". We've always thought of it as "our song". Mushy, huh! :)