Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoebox Card Swap - 2/5/11

The theme for our February Shoebox Card Swap was St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Spring. This is Julie's card. I may have placed the shamrocks the wrong way. Its a gorgeous card anyway. :)
Here's Renee's card. So cute!!
The inside of her card.
Karen's card. I'm challenged in paper tearing. Karen actually tore the 2 bottom layers for me. We were sitting at the same table. LOL!
Joyce made 2 cards. This is her St. Patrick's Day card. Love it!!
And her Easter card. Adorable!!
This is Rhonda's Easter card.
Linda's card. The flower has a few layers and I popped them all up with foam tape.
I am not sure who exactly made this card and the 2 following. Jenni and Tyana were late getting to the swap so I'm sure they made them...just don't know who made what card...
The greens used on this card are fantastic!
This bunny card is gorgeous.
This is Candice's card. Love it!
I didn't get a picture of this card and didn't get it finished at the swap. I had to email Bonnie to find out how to put it together. I hope this is what she intented. I must remember to get pictures of all the cards so if I don't finish, I'll know how they go together. :)
Lastly, this is my Easter card. The colors are pretty vivid...almost need sunglasses on. LOL!
Our next swap is April 2 here at the mobile park. I've reserved the clubhouse. We're going to have a potluck and celebrate the 2nd year of being a group. The theme is "Happy Birthday" and "Mother's Day" cards.


jalna said...

So so so so cuuute!!

jalna said...

I can't figure out how a swap works. Do you each make one card and provide materials to everyone else and teach them how to make it? How do you teach and learn at the same time. I must have the whole concept wrong.

Betty Townsend said...

Thank you!! Yeah...except we don't really teach each other how to do the card. The card samples are there to look at and if any of us have questions, the person who made the particular card will help. Like the card with the paper torn "hills". I couldn't figure out what Karen had done exactly, so she helped me with her card. The swaps are very low key and even though most of us have been stamping for awhile, we still get stuck. A few of the ladies in our group are Stampin' Up demonstrators. Its a great group.

Karen said...

I count on your blog to help me remember who did wicj card...I've been waiting for you to post the cards from last swap so I could identify some of them :) I still don't know who did the one with the pink bunny though.

I am pretty sure Jenni did the coffee cup card and figured Tyana did the one with the single shamrock.

BTW...try turning Julie's card once to the left. Not saying it's right, but that's how I did mine.

Betty Townsend said...

Sorry Karen...I figured I did Julie's card wrong...I'll fix it. I think Jenni did the pink bunny. She was asking if everyone got a kit when we were getting ready to leave. I'll email her and ask. :)