Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Card Kit Swap

Last summer one of the card swaps that I participated in on Splitcoast Stampers was making up card kits. I received 5 kits in the swap and they've been laying around waiting for me to put them together. One of the instructions for the swap was to include a recipe for putting the kit together or a picture of a finished card using the items in the kit. Well, none of the kits I received did either.

I decided to play with this particular one yesterday and finished it up this afternoon. I loved the colors that were included in the kit. I wasn't too crazy about the image yet I thought I would see what I could come up with. So here's my finished card. The layout is not something I would normally do. I attempted to do some shading with the Copic markers I used. Not the greatest attempt, yet it looks okay. I am pleased with the finished card. I need to find some of the slider charms that was included with the ribbon. I like how that looks. Now I'll see what I can do with the other kits I have. Oh, I wanted to say, this layout is completely my own. I did not take it from any other source, Splitcoast Stampers included. That is usually what I do, look on Splitcoast, find something I like then try to change it a little so it is not an exact CASE (copying and sharing with eveyone). :))

I've been wanting to host a card swap on Splitcoast so yesterday I put up a new thread for a swap. It is called "Adorable and Cute Cards" Here's a link for it if you want to go look. My friend Candice is the only one that has signed up so far.

So, if you are reading my blog and would like to join in, please do so. These swaps are a lot of fun and the cards are amazing. I'm back to my craft table to try and do another kit.


jalna said...

So so so so cute dat dog in cat slippers! I always wondered what CASE meant.

Betty Townsend said...

He is kinda cute, huh. The more I look at him, the more I like him. I got 3 images in the card kit so I'm going to see what else I can come up with using him again. hahahaha!!