Saturday, September 5, 2009

Card Swap on Saturday, August 29th

I fully intended to have the pictures of the cards we made on my blog. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I still can't upload pictures without them being distorted. I am so frustrated!! I don't know why I can't do that. Everything worked fine while I uploaded pictures to my other blog while we were on vacation. And then after we got home, I started having problems.

Well, about our card swap. There were 16 ladies altogether. We had 3 ladies drive in from Oroville, 1 lady came from Vacaville, 1 from Galt and 1 from Woodland. There were 3 from the Elk Grove area.

We had a holiday theme and some really awesome cards were made. The first prize went to Alex from Oroville with a Halloween card. Second prize went to Joyce from Elk Grove with a Halloween card and third prize went to Kelly from Chico with a cute Christmas card. I will put the pictures on Facebook, you can friend me if you care to look at the cards. Then there were 4 honorable mentions, 1 to Candice from Rancho Cordova for a Thanksgiving card, 1 to Jenni from Vacaville for a birthday card, 1 to Jo from Elk Grove with a very elegant Christmas card and the last honorable mention to Karen with a fun Halloween card.

Our potluck was so good. We had 2 long tables put together and it was overflowing with hot dishes, salads and desserts. Our next get together is October 24th. The theme hasn't been decided on yet, people are to vote on several options.

There was a boo boo or two that occurred, however, we didn't let them bother us and had a fantastic day. I was absolutely done in by the time I got home. It took me a couple of days to get things put away, I still have baskets that need to be put away in my clothes closet. I will evidently get it all put away. :))

Again, to see the pictures, friend me over on FB.


jalna said...

I just checked out Facebook. The cards are all so niiiiice. Very, very creative, and such a nice group. That meeting room is perfect for such a gathering, and looks like you all had fun.

Betty Townsend said...

Yes, the clubhouse is great. That's where we have our family gatherings when Gerry's kids and their families are in town. The pool is right out where those windows are. I think I'm going to put the rest of the vacation pictures on FB since I can't get my blogs to work with putting the pictures on. So frustrating!!

jalna said...

Wish I could help you with getting your pictures up. Wonder what happened. That would drive me INSANE!